"We are a collaborative research studio aimed at exploring, fostering and developing ideas that will shape the future of design and information technology."

The Design Machine Group @ UW

The Design Machine Group (DMG) is a multi-disciplinary collaborative research group open to students from several degree streams, including the Department of Architecture's MS, MArch, and BA programs, as well as students from the iSchool, HCDE, and CSE. Our aim is to explore and develop ideas with the power to shape the software, technology and conceptual paradigms at the intersection of digital technologies, design, and built environments. The projects developed in the DMG, including explorations in human-computer interaction, fabrication, ubiquitous computing, touch, and lighting, focus on demonstrating new ways of engaging this evolving situation. The DMG is located in G52 Architecture Hall.

Featured Project: Simulation Based Design

Building performance simulation has matured significantly in the recent decades. Increased accuracy and fidelity of simulations opened up many opportunities to develop better performance analysis tools, techniques, and metrics that can be employed throughout the different design stages. Computational approaches enable analysis with detail, flexibility, and rigor that may be infeasible or impossible to achieve with traditional analysis tools and techniques. The objective of simulation based design research is to study the role of simulation throughout the design process and to foster analytical approaches in design synthesis and to promote informed design decision making through building performance simulation. Read More