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Lauren M. Johnson

March, 2012

Clicking on the “site” link on this page will bring you to the B-Shelves (Box-Shelves) website, the interactive element of the B-Shelves thesis. Through the website that is programmed in JavaScript for HTML5, one is able to customize the arrangement of box components for their particular B-Shelves shelving unit. Shelving unit form is generated as part of a physics/force/simulation. In simplest terms, generated boxes are attracted and accelerate toward an origin point. At the same time, each box is attracted to and repelled from adjacent intersecting boxes. Additional behaviors, such as generating configurations that align with the ground plane, creating constructible detail conditions, cropping, etc. are integrated into the form generation system. Shelves are visualized as a 2D representation in elevation view.

Once at the website, feel free to play around with the parameters by moving the slider controls. Press Restart to generate a new set of boxes with the altered specifications. Each time the animation is restarted (whether or not parameters have been changed) the shelving configuration will differ slightly. This is because box modules are generated semi randomly, in accordance to guidelines designed in the form generation system. Also it is possible to crop shelving configurations to the size indicated in the total width and total height slider controls. Freeze will pause the animation to best view a near-complete design. The measure button will allow you to measure between any two points on the composition by clicking at the start and end point. Finally, the submit button will submit the customized design. While the thesis demonstrates an automated file to factory process, pressing submit here will only save the customized vector file. Please contact me with questions regarding the thesis or enquiries about purchasing a customized B-Shelves furniture piece.