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MS.dc Thesis presentations: Arash Naderpour (From A to B: An algorithmic approach to circulation inside buildings) and Ranjeeth Mahankali (Assessing the Potential Applications of Deep learning in Design) present their MS thesis research at 2:00 and 3:00 PM respectively in Arch 42.
A paper authored by Associate Prof. Mehlika Inanici in 2006 has been selected as one of the "classic" 25 papers within the 50 year history of the Journal of Lighting Research and Technology. The selection is done by Peter Boyce and DJ Carter. Boyce is the Editor-in-Chief, and Carter is the immediate past chairman of LRT. In their article titled "Lighting Research and Technology: Past, Present, and Future", they provide a historical look on the development of the journal. The selection is announced as follows: "... there have been some papers published in LRT that can be regarded as classics, in the sense that they have either initiated an area of research, completed an area of research, or when the topic is active, have been frequently cited." Congratulations, Mehlika, on this recognition of your work!
Bo Jung presents her MS thesis "Measuring Circadian Light through HDR Photography" during autumn quarter thesis presentations.
The DMG will host students from the department's undergraduate architecture colloquium and demonstrate a couple of projects.
Bo Jung and Mehlika Inanici present some of Bo's thesis research into Circadian Lighting in a session entitled "Capturing the Circadian Lighting through HDR Photography" at the 2017 International Radiance Workshop in Portland, Oregon.
MS student Doaa AlSharif will present her thesis"Parametric Exploration of Shading Screens: Daylight, Sun Penetration and View Factor" as part of the department's spring quarter thesis reviews. Her presentation will be from 2:00-3:00PM in Arc Hall G42
John Dylan Davis presents his thesis project as one of the department's Winter quarter thesis presentations.
Corey Collier and Dhara Mehta will be presenting their respective thesis projects as part of the department's thesis reviews for autumn 2016.
11th Conference of the International Advisory Group: Summit Forum of Art and Design Education

In an invited presentation, Brian R Johnson shared thoughts on the theme "Preservation and Expectation & Thinking and Changing" in a talk entitled "Design Computing: Connecting Past, Present and Future" at the Shanghai Institute of Visual Arts (SIVA). A world-wide group of design educators, spanning fields from textiles to industrial design to architecture shared current practice, as well as reflections on the past and visions for the future.
9.3.2016 - 9.15.2016
The Shanghai Institue of Visual Arts (SIVA) has invited Brian R Johnson and Kimo Griggs to give a workshop on digital fabrication for two weeks in September, and Brian was also asked to speak at the 11th Conference of the International Advisory Group -- Summit Forum of Art and Design Education, in Shanghai, China.
We are pleased to announce that Bo Jung has received the Illuminating Engineering Society's Robert Thunen memorial scholarship!
Thesis presentations: Alireza Hashemloo and Matt Amend will be presenting theses on Tuesday, May 31, 2016.
The Gohar Khatoon Girls' School, on which Yasaman Esmaili focused her MS Thesis work, was featured in Architectural Record, http://www.architecturalrecord.com/articles/11393-gohar-khatoon-girls-school
Yasaman Esmaili's contribution to the Gohar Girl's School is acknowledged in this blog post at ArchDaily (http://www.archdaily.com/774074/gohar-khatoon-girls-school-robert-hull-plus-university-of-washington/)
9.16.2015 - 9.18.2015
Recent graduate Teng Teng presented his thesis research on "Transformable Physical Media" at the eCAADe 2015 conference in Vienna, Austria. View the presentation at https://mh-engage.ltcc.tuwien.ac.at/engage/ui/watch.html?id=c66d211e-702b-11e5-b61e-53010ec74bd1
Blogged again! Teng Teng's paper describing the InSpire system was mentioned two times in the Archinect coverage of the ACADIA2014 conference at USC last week.



Teng Teng presented his InSpire research paper at the ACADIA 2014 conference.
Nicole Peterson has been awarded a Robert E. Thunen Memorial Scholarship by the Illuminating Engineering Society.
Viswanathan Kumaragurubaran has been awarded the MS Thesis Citation from the department for this year. Congratulations on a well deserved recognition!

The title of Viswa's thesis is "High Dynamic Range Image Processing Toolkit for Lighting Simulations and Analysis".

More information about the thesis and hdrscope can be found at: http://courses.washington.edu/hdrscope/
Kimo Griggs will address the UW's DUB (Design Use Build) interdisciplinary research group during their annual retreat, describing the BE Fabrication facilities and research directions.
"Outside the Box" talk by Teng Teng will introduce and talk about NCF studio, the largest computational design platform in China. They seek to popularize the use of algorithm and parametric design in Chinese design firms and universities. NCF provides design firms with technical support and professional training, holds workshops and courses with universities and produces on-line teaching materials.
Brian R Johnson has been invited to participate in a Design Computing symposium at UNC Charlotte in celebration of the launch of their new Dual Master’s Degree program in Design + Computing.
Thesis Presentation: Siva Ram Edupuganti will present his MS thesis work "Dynamic Sunshade Analysis" at 10:00 am in Gould court. Siva's thesis addresses the potential daylighting benefit to be had from using active window-shading systems on buildings.
"Outside the box" talk by Yasaman Esmaili regarding the Arcosanti project in the Arizona desert and Paolo Soleri's vision of Arcologies (blending Architecture + Ecology), a vision of minimal resource consumption and pedestrian-oriented mega-structures that began more than three decades ago.
"Outside the Box" talk by Peter Schiller. about the agent-based pedestrian simulation package he developed as an undergraduate. The challenges, overall design, and possibilities of such an approach to predicting how people will use a space will be discussed.
Brian R Johnson has been invited to present ideas on "Hypervisualization" at the Center for Innovation in the Design and Construction Industry (CIDCI) forum "What's the next dimension in building information modeling (BIM)?" in San Francisco.
The DMG (in the form of Kimo Griggs) will participate with other CBE research groups in "Laboratory and Lens" open-house event for prospective students.
Lauren Johnson presents her MS thesis project: "B-Shelves" (4:00 PM Gould Court)
Hunter Ruthrauff presents his MS Thesis project "[m]form" at 5:00 PM in Gould Court.
We've been blogged again! This time by archDaily. See Wing, Sherin. "Techne – See Spot Measure Daylight: Architecture Tools" 22 Feb 2012. ArchDaily. Accessed 23 Feb 2012. http://www.archdaily.com/210519
DMG members present various projects from the recent past, including Aperactive, Kinections, [m]form, WiiView, Tracery, and Experiments in Fabrication. This will be a good opportunity to see the kind of work being done in the group right now.
10.28.2011 - 10.30.2011
Lauren Johnson will present "InterLattice" as a part of the PUARL International Conference "Generative Processes, Patterns and the Urban Challenge" at the University of Oregon in Portland, Oregon.
Imran Peerbhai will present his Touchstone research work, part of the Touchy project, during the 2011 UW Undergraduate Research Symposium. More information at http://exp.washington.edu/urp/symp
4.14.2011 - 4.22.2011
Rob Corser presenting a lecture and digital design and fabrication workshop in Dubai.
Firefly (Grasshopper plugin) overview and demonstration by Jason Johnson. Noon in Gould 208J, lunch provided by Robert McNeel & Associates.
Brian R Johnson will speak on "Tracery: Enabling Informal Mixed-mode Expression on the Web" as part of the iSchool Research Conversation beginning at noon Monday in MGH 420.
Scott Crawford presents his thesis research "A Breathing Building Skin" at ACADIA 2010 "LIFE in:formation" at The Cooper Union in New York.
10.21.2010 - 10.24.2010
ACADIA 2010 Conference at The Cooper Union, New York City. Brian receives 2010 ACADIA "Society Award" Award of Excellence.
Scott Crawford presents his thesis project "A Breathing Building Skin".

This thesis is an initial exploration into the development of a breathing building skin. The design of current mechanical systems is questioned in response to alternative means of heating and cooling buildings as well as recent changes to building standards which re- quire passive ventilation strategies to be supplemented by some form of mechanical ventilation. This research thesis proposes a system of diaphragms as an alternative to the use of fans for distributing volumes of air.

The driving concepts for this project are the three types of evolution- ary adaptation; fl exibility, acclimation, and learning. Of particular interest is how these biological concepts relate to architectural design and design computing. Parametric modeling was used throughout the project to study a family of folding geometry. This allowed for the iterative development of a complex part that is capable of being manufactured from a single sheet of material. This research is signifi cant as it puts forth a potentially energy effi cient, and highly integrated alternative to fans while also illustrating a way of relating biological concepts of adaptation to architectural design.
Rob Corser will present his research investigation the potential for stress-activation of thin wood surface structure.

5:30-7:30--Conversation begins @ 6:30
Gould 208J

Sponsored by 47°N
05.08.2010 - 05.16.2010
Brian R Johnson part of "Team of Experts" reviewing academic programs in Architecture, Quantity Surveying, Real Estate Management, and Construction management at Neapolis University in Pafos, Cyprus, on behalf of the Republic of Cyprus.
05.05.2010 - 05.28.2010
"Stress | Active" [ Gould 208 ]

A display of objects and research by Rob Corser related to digital fabrication and exploring the relationship of stress to form.
Chih-Pin Hsiao presents MS Thesis work related to PaperView and TiMBA.
Randolph Fritz presents MS Thesis work related to RadLum project.
10.22.2009 - 10.25.2009
Chih-Pin Hsiao presents Gizmo and WiiView paper at ACADIA 2009.
10.21.2009 - 10.23.2009
Mehlika Inanici, Greg Ward and Jan Wienold gave a full day workshop on HDR Photography and Glare Analysis in Harvard Design School.

Mehlika Inanici also presented her research on Image based Sky Models for Daylighting Applications in the International Radiance Workshop.
Mehlika Inanici has received a grant from the UW Royalty Research Fund (RRF) for her research titled "Development and Validation of Image based Sky Models for Daylighting Applications". The research project will continue till July 2010.
Mehlika Inanici presented her paper titled "Applications of Image based Rendering in Lighting Simulation: Development and Evaluation of Image based Sky Models,” at the International Building Performance Simulation Association (IBPSA) 2009 Conference in Glasgow, UK.
10.23.2008 - 10.25.2008
Recent graduate Kathleen Cheney will present a paper (co-authored with Mehlika Inanici) based on her MS Thesis work at the 2008 West Central Fall ACSA Conference: "ACSA - [architecture] in the age of [digital] reproduction" at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign.
10.16.2008 - 10.19.2008
At ACADIA 2008, in Minneapolis. Daniel Belcher presented "MxR: A Physical Model-Based Mixed Reality Interface for Design Collaboration, Simulation, Visualization and Form Generation," a paper based on his Master's Thesis research project and co-authored by Brian R Johnson. The project was blogged by Spatial Robot (http://www.spatialrobots.com/archives/432) (which includes links to YouTube video), and Digital Urban (http://digitalurban.blogspot.com/2008/10/mxr-architecture-mixing-physical-and.html).
Rob Corser presented his design-build work from New Orleans at the "Imagining America" conference in southern California.
9.17.2008 - 9.20.2008
Daniel Belcher presents a paper, co-authored with Brian R Johnson, describing the ARchitecture project at eCAADe 2008 in Antwerp, Belgium.
Daniel Belcher and Kathleen Cheney present their MS theses as part of the all-school thesis presentation series.

More information is available: http://quicksilver.caup.washington.edu/events
Mehlika Inanici has given a workshop titled "Recording Light" at Lightfair Institute, in Las Vegas.
Mehlika Inanici has been awarded the "Dean's Faculty Development Award" for 2008-2009. Congratulations!

Brian R Johnson has won the Department of Architecture's "Johnson/Hastings Faculty Research Travel Award".
4.22.2008 - 4.23.2008
Jerry Laiserin, noted technology writer and AEC speaker, will visit the DMG and CAUP as part of the College lecture series. His talk @ 6:30 on 4/23 will be titled "BIM: Building Information Modeling or Building Industry (Re)Modeling?"
4.5.2008 - 4.10.2008
The 26th Annual ACM SIGCHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems in Florence, Italy. Daniel Belcher presents the JITC3 project paper in the Urban Mixed Realities Workshop.
Dipti Shah presented her MS thesis research and a related technology proposal. Her thesis is entitled "Mitigating Natural Disasters with Sensing Responding and Adaptive (SRA) Architecture" -- DMG project SRA.
Hoda Homayouni presented her MS thesis research and a prototype application. The thesis title is "A Genetic Algorithm Approach to Space Layout Planning Optimization" -- DMG research project GASP.
10.2.2007 - 10.7.2007
ACADIA 2007 - Halifax, Nova Scotia - Brian R Johnson presented the paper that Chien-Lin Chen and he wrote based on Chien-Lin's thesis work on the DVIN project.
As part of the Department's Architecture Hall Open House, the DMG will present a round-robin demonstrations of current research. A few of these are still not totally baked, but we hope to show you

TinMan - a 3D scanning application using a projector and digital camera
to scan 3D objects. Get your face scanned and turned into a
triangulated irregular network (tin) mesh for personalizing
your 3D models!

ARchitecture - an Augmented Reality (AR) experience of a BIM model of
the new Architecture Hall. A new way of seeing the world
around us and the designs we envision.

LIFE - An exploration of cellular automata through "the game of life"
and alternative rules. Endless hours of fun, and online too!

Gizmo - A wireless 'gizmo' that should be able to control the view of
a SketchUp model in real time. Think how this might link your
physical presentation model to your digital presentation!

GASP - This project explores Genetic Algorithms (GA) for Space Planning
(SP) and how they might be used to generate floor plan layouts.
Watch the design 'evolve' right before your very eyes!
Mehlika Inanici presented "Computational Approach for Determining the Directionality of Light: Directional to Diffuse Ratio" at the International Building Performance Simulation Association (IBPSA) 2007 Conference, in Beijing, China.
New DMG member Kathleen Cheney has won the prestigious "2007 Howard Brandston Student Lighting Design Education Grant" a significant and prestigious award from the Illuminating Engineering Society.

Congratulations, Kat!
Mehlika Inanici gave a 3 hour workshop on High Dynamic Range Imaging at the Lighfair Lighting Institute in New York.
Chien-Lin Chen ("Jay") presented his thesis research on Dual View displays and navigation of building information at 6 pm in Gould 442.
10.12.2006 - 10.15.2006
ACADIA 2006 - Louisville, Kentucky - Brian R Johnson presented "Context Aware Paper-Based Review Instrument" (CAPRI) at the conference on behalf of Eun Soo Lee, Sungho Hong, and himself.
Mehlika Inanici will present "High Dynamic Range Photography: Per-pixel Luminance Data Acquisition" for the Illuminating Engineering Society - Puget Sound Section (http://www.iespugetsound.org/events/IES-0609-MehlikaInanici.pdf#search=%22mehlika%20inanici%20%2B%20iesna%22).

Location: Lighting Design Lab 400 East Pine Street, Seattle
Time: Sep 21, 2006 12pm - 1:00 pm
Mehlika Inanici has received the Nuckolls Fund Grant for Lighting Education (http://www.nuckollsfund.org). The grant will be used to develop a course called "Computational Lighting Design", which will be offered in Spring 2007.
"Informed Design Decision Making through Building Performance Simulation"

Presentation by Mehlika Inanici
@ Eco Group - Olson Sundberg Kundig Allen Architects
12:00 - 1:30 pm.
The Colloquium on the Built Environment

"What is Design Computing?"

Brian R Johnson will present an overview of the central concerns of the emerging field of Design Computing, illustrated with projects from the Design Machine Group and other architecturally-focused research groups around the world.

"Virtual Lighting laboratory and Per-pixel Analysis"

by Mehlika Inanici
The Colloquium on the Built Environment
Noon to 1:00 p.m.
Gould 208J
MS graduate Eun Soo Lee will present CAPRI at ECOWAVE 2006 in San Francisco.
*Nanching Tai: "Measuring the Intangible for Designing the Tangible - A
Computational Method to Study Human Perception of Lighting: A Case study
of Vernacular Taiwanese Temples" on 11/17*

Thursday, November 17
Noon to 1:00 p.m.
Gould 208J
Faculty and students joined us to welcome new faculty member Dr. Mehlika Inanici to the DMG. Visitors were able to talk informally with her about her research interests and see some of the other ongoing and recent projects in the DMG.
9.13.2005 - 9.14.2005
Brian R Johnson participated in the Seattle Innovation Symposium, exploring where the next big thing might arise in digital technology and how to speed the process. A collection of computer science, business, and information-school participants from around the country participated in this two-day event. More information is available online at http://depts.washington.edu/uwsis/overview/overview.html
Eun Soo Lee presents his MS research and a prototype of the CAPRI system. See http://dmg.caup.washington.edu/images/AD.pdf for additional information, or the CAPRI project page (coming soon!).
7.19.2004 - 7.21.2004
International Conference on Design Computing and Cognition - DCC'04, to be held 19-21July 2004 at MIT, Conference Chair John Gero, Conference Manager, Andy Dong, http://www.arch.usyd.edu.au/kcdc/conferences/dcc04
7.12.2004 - 7.14.2004
Generative CAD Systems Symposium: G-CADS 2004, http://www.cmu.edu/architecture/graduate/G-CAD, CMU, Pittsburgh.
11.2.2003 - 11.5.2003
Chen-Je Huang to present “MouseHaus Table: A Physical Interface for Urban Design” in UIST, User Interface Software and Technology, Vancouver, http://www.acm.org/uist/
10.23.2003 - 10.26.2003
Ming-Chun Lee to present "Space Maker: Creating Space by Sketching It", and Dan Glaser to present "LiQuID: Lighting Quality for Design," at annual conference of ACADIA, Association of Computer Aided Design in Architecture, http://www.acadia.org
10.19.2003 - 10.21.2003
Dan Glaser presents “Developing Architectural Lighting Representations,” in InfoVis, http://www.infovis.org/infovis2003, IEEE Symposium on Information Visualization - Seattle
10.13.2003 - 10.15.2003
CAAD Futures conference http://www.caadfutures.arch.tue.nl to be held in NCKU, Taiwan, ROC.

Papers accepted include: "LightPen: a sketching system for lighting design in a 3D virtual environment", and "LightSketch: a sketch modeling program for lighting analysis" .

Posters accepted - "MouseHaus Table: A Physical Interface for Urban Pedestrian Study," "LiQuID: A tool for understanding Lighting Quality In 3D architectural Design," "Inspired by Eisenman: ArchiDNA, a creative shape generative system," "SPOT: a 3D Interactive Navigable Environment for Direct Sunlight Simulation," and "Window Seat: Interactive Chairware for Experiencing Virtual Spaces."
10.03.2003 - 10.04.2003
Mark D Gross presents an invited lecture, "The Legacy of Rittel: toward a science of design, computationally expressed", at the Design Theory and Methods Symposium, University of California, Berkeley.
9.17.2003 - 9.20.2003
Sebastien Bund presented “SPOT! Fetch Light! Interactive Navigable 3D Visualization of Direct Sunlight,” in eCAADe, Education and Research in Computer Aided Architectural Design in Europe http://www.ecaade.org
Markus Eng and Chen-Je Huang received Graduate Student Project Awards at the college's Recognition Day. Ben Hindman received Research Assistantship from NASA Space Grant Summer Undergraduate Research Program (SURP), with matching fund from NSF CCLI grant, and Varey Undergraduate Research Fellowship.
4.28.2003 - 4.30.2003
CAAD Futures International Conference will be held in NCKU, Taiwan, abstract due June 20, 2002, paper deadline 9/30 for second review, final paper due 12/15, 2002. http://www.arch.ncku.edu.tw/cf2003/main.asp
Ellen Yi-Luen Do spoke at N.A.K.E.D Lunch Series (New Adventures in Knowledge, Expression, and Discovery), Intuitive Digital Design" February 5, OUGL 220, sponsored by The University of Washington Undergraduate Research Program and the Odegaard Undergraduate Library, http://www.washington.edu/research/urp/nakedlunch/
Brian R Johnson awarded ACADIA Award of Excellence in Research as part of ACADIA annual conference.
10.24.2002 - 10.27.2002
Brian R Johnson and Dan Glaser will present at the ACADIA 2002 Conference, Thresholds between Physical and Virtual,
10.23.2002 - 10.26.2002
Ken Camarata will present a poster on the Physical Computing education at the Fifth International Conference of the Learning Sciences (ICLS 2002) "Keeping Learning Complex: Fostering Multidisciplinary Research Efforts", University of Washington, Seattle.
Digital Media Workshop @ Cornish
The DMG was invited to Cornish to lead a workshop on digital media. A team of DMG people joined with folks from Cornish to create multimedia content.

Jone Erdah from from CMR Institute, Norway http://www.cmr.no is visiting DMG, he works on Advanced Computing, VR systems http://www.insidereality.com, and http://www.statsbygg.no/engelsk, and to explore advanced visualizations within the converged field 'Urban modeling' (built environment, landscape, ++)
Sam Chu, from the Scientific Visualization section from National Center for High-Performance Computing in Taiwan, http://www.nchc.gov.tw visits DMG.
7.25.2002 - 7.27.2002
Dan Glaser and Osbert Feng from UC Berkeley visit - talks (1) 7/25 noon: Scythe and Sew: creating meaningful patterns in simulation data, (2) collaborative comunication with Livenote pen computing project.
In Matsue, Japan Mark D Gross gives keynote address at Software Symposium, a Japanese conference that has been annually held for the last 15 years. It is mostly for researchers and practitioners in software-related topics, primarily software engineering, but also HCI and AI. The conference has been organized by Software Engineer's Associates.
05.16.2002 - 05.19.2002
"Shaping the network society" conference at the UW, sponsored by Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility

4.23.2002 - 4.25.2002
Navigational Blocks (short talk) and Space Pen (interactive poster) will be presented at ACM's International Conference on Computer Human Interfaces (CHI '02) in Minneapolis. http://www.sigchi.org/chi2002/ by Ken Camarata and Thomas Jung
dmg presents a seminar at Olson Sundberg Kundig Allen Architects, Seattle
DMG will present at Olympic Reprographic AEC Tradeshow, January 30, 3:30 - 7:30 at Bell Harbor International Conference Center.


Ken Camarata and Thomas Jung will make the presentation
Visitor, Jen Lewin will present a talk on 'physical computing and interaction design.'
01.13.2002 - 01.16.2002
Thomas Jung and others present work on Redliner, Space Pen and Navigational Blocks at ACM's International Conference on Intelligent User Interfaces (IUI '02) in San Francisco. http://www.iuiconf.org
1.7.2002 - 1.11.2002
Brian R Johnson presents "Compadres: Lightweight Support for Distributed Collaborators" at the CSCL 2002 (Computer Support for Collaborative Learning) conferece in Boulder, Colorado
( http://www.cscl2002.org/ )
Reality Simulation Workshop - 11:00 AM - Mike Denlinger leads a workshop demonstrating how to import 3D models into the Unreal game engine. Poster at http://depts.washington.edu/dmgftp/unrealdemo.pdf
DMG presents at Seattle Art Museum.
10.26.2001 - 10.26.2001
Brian R Johnson invited to speak at seminar in Madison Wisconsin. Seminar is titled 'The Challenges of Advanced Technology'. Title of talk is 'Beyond the Low-hanging Fruit'. Other speakers from HOK, Gensler, Texas A&M will also speak.
10.11.2001 - 10.14.2001
Brian R Johnson invited to ACADIA 2001 in Buffalo, N.Y. Participates in panel discussion among first 20 presidents of ACADIA and completes term as past-president.
Dustin Eggink presents Smart Objects at eCAADe 2001 at Helsinki.

8.16.2001 - 8.17.2001
Professor Mao-Lin Chiu, from the Architecture Department at National Cheng-Kung University in Taiwan (the top-rated architecture school in Taiwan) will visit the DMG for demonstrations and discussion.

7.8.2001 - 7.11.2001
Brian R Johnson, Thomas Jung, and others present papers at the CAAD futures conference in Eindoven
McMurrary High Tech Exploratory Group from Vashon Island visits Design Machine Group. Photos at
Dr. Russel Kirsch, National Bureau of Standards (NBS, now NIST), visits DMG and presents an informal colloquium on image processing and art.
Design Machine Group Professional Open House! Please come join us for a Demo Night! Check out the event schedule and PDF invation.

DEADLINE: UIST User Interface Software and Technology due 11 May 01.

CHI workshop on Tools, Conceptual Frameworks and Empirical Studies for Early Stages of Design.

ECSCW (European CSCW) DEADLINE posters 31 March - demonstrations 16 Feb.

Abstracts due for ACADIA 2001.

External representations in AIED: Multiple forms and multiple roles - Sunday May 20th. A Workshop associated with AIED2001, San Antonio, May 19-23, 2001.

Human Centric Computer Languages and Environments conference, Stresa Italy, September. Call for papers - due 11 Mar 01 and check out the Symposium on End-User Programming.

IJCAI-01 Workshop on Spatial and Temporal Reasoning with Agents Focus: Seattle -- call for submission - due March 01.

DEADLINE: eCAADe (European Computer Aided Architectural Design in Education ) due 1 March 01.

Deadline for ACM Multimedia 2001 Ottawa in September.

The DMG Logo Competition web page is here. Check out the submissions.

DEADLINE: CSCW (Computer supported cooperative work) in Design due 15 Feb.

Human Factors in Computing Systems CHI 2001, short talks and interactive poster deadline!

Kostas Terzidis - Morphing Studio - form analysis and design workshop Friday, Dec 1, 9:30 - 11:30 AM

C Stands for Creativity - a talk by architect, artist and programmer, Kostas Terzidis Thursday, November 30, 2:30, Gould 208J

Interaction Design Workshop - Ben Benjamin, Urban Space/Digital Space Friday, November 170, 9:30 - 11:30 @ DMG Lab.

Ben Banjamin, graphic designer and Web artist visits. Lecture Thursday Nov 16; 2:30 PM; Workshop Friday Nov 17, 9:30 AM. more info? - mail mdgross@u.washington.edu

10.18.2000 - 10.20.2000
ACADIA 2000, at Washington DC. Brian R Johnson and Thomas Jung present papers!

Dustin Eggink and Thomas Jung present Web 3D environments!

9.10.2000 - 9.12.2000
ACM Collaborative Virtual Environment CVE 2000, San Francisco. Thomas Jung attends with Gina Cherry from the PETTT project.
Submission deadline for CAAD futures 2001, to be held 8-11 July 2000 at Eindhoven.
Mathematical Sculpture in Stone and Bronze, Helaman and Claire Ferguson, 7:00 - 8:00 p.m. UW HUB Auditorium, MOSAIC 2000
- http://www.cs.washington.edu/mosaic2000/
8.21.2000 - 8.24.2000
Frank O. Gehry: The Architect's studio, Opening Reception and Curator's Talk 5:30-8:00 in the Henry Auditorium
Meeting with people from PETT to discuss possible collaboration on educational transformation through technology
- http://depts.washington.edu/pettt/
new dmg web page goes online
Mark D Gross presents at 'Collective Creativity Workshop' in Kyoto, Japan, hosted by Nara Advanced Institute of Science and Technology
- http://ccc.aist-nara.ac.jp/sakigake2000/
William Washington presents review of projects for Digital Desk at DMG Lab Lunch meeting.
- http://depts.washington.edu/dmachine/digitaldesk
Brian R Johnson presents 'Beyond the Low Hanging Fruit - Digital Technology in Architecture, Past, Present, and Future' presented at ACSA Technology Conference at MIT, Cambridge MA.
2:00 - Meeting with NBBJ at DMG to discuss possible shared interests and collaboration.
- http://www.nbbj.com
4:30 - Dept. of Architecture Professionals Advisory Council, Digital Technology Committee meets at DMG.
Brian R Johnson and others present 3 papers at eCAADe (education in computer aided architectural design in europe) annual conference in Weimar, Germany.
- http://www.ecaade.org
5.20.2000 - 5.23.2000
Conference at the UW in the HUB on Cyberspace and Society
The Future of the Public Sphere in Cyberspace
A Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility Symposium
- http://www.scn.org/cpsr/diac-00
Collective Creativity through Amplifying Representational Talkback;
Two-Dimensional Positioning as a Means for Reflection in Design, Kumiyo Nakakoji and Yasuhiro Yamamoto - visiting scholars
- http://depts.washington.edu/dmachine/content/pages/news_details/kumiyo_talk.html

Cognitive Science Lab, Graduate School of Information Science,Nara Institute of Science and Technology, Japan
- http://ccc.aist-nara.ac.jp/home-en.html
'Computational Expressionism' - Joey Berzowska - visiting designer, 3:30 PM - Gould 100

- http://www.media.mit.edu/~joey/seattle/comp-ex.html
- http://www.media.mit.edu/~joey/seattle/bio.html
'Music Bottles - Tangible Media' - Joey Berzowska - visiting designer, 10:30 Gould 208J (architecture HQ)

- http://www.media.mit.edu/~joey/seattle/tangible.html
- http://www.media.mit.edu/~joey/seattle/bio.html
Urban Data Librarian - Brian R Johnson and Chuoc Lam
DMG moves into Architecture Hall!!

*DMG in the News

A review of Brian R Johnson's book "Design Computing: Overview of an emergent field" has been posted to Amazon.com (https://www.amazon.com/Design-Computing-Overview-Emergent-Field/dp/1138930970) by the long-time architectural-technolgy consultant Jerry Laiserin:

"You CAN judge a book by its cover, and Brian Johnson's "Design Computing: An Overview of an Emergent Field" delivers exactly what the title promises. Johnson has successfully pulled together diverse threads of digital applications and implications for the built environment. Many books published in the last 20 or so years have covered single aspects of the field -- often in considerable depth -- but Johnson's "Design Computing" affords the broadest and most comprehensive survey to date. This book would serve as an insightful and useful basis for stimulating student thinking about digital design beyond the "low-hanging fruit" of slick renderings, animations and algorithmic geegaws. Highly recommended."
Scott Crawford (MArch '08, MS.dc '10) has been selected to receive one of the Department of Architecture's Distinguished Alumni Awards. We celebrate the success of our graduate!
Gizmo and WiiView made it into an ArchDaily blog posting http://www.archdaily.com/247236/techne-the-new-and-improved-sketchup/
In an online competition run by Anno books, following a multi-layered judging process that has included Bohlin Cywinski Jackson, Zaha Hadid, and Kjellander + Sjoberg in the final juries, MS student Hunter Ruthrauff's "Tessy" project has been selected as one of handful of architecture projects included in the "Round 1, 2011" publication, putting it in the running for inclusion in the 2011-12 "Student Design Annual". Congratulations Hunter!

Visit http://www.annobooks.com/index/book for more information.
The summer internship that linked up Viswanathan Kumaragurubaran with LMN Tech Studio included a project to combine a Microsoft Kinect with Grasshopper. It took 5th place in the "Top 10 best hacks" at Kinecthacks.com. Congratulations Viswa! (see http://www.kinecthacks.com/top-10-best-kinect-hacks/ for more)
Brian R Johnson receives 2010 ACADIA "Society Award" Award of Excellence at ACADIA 2010 Conference at The Cooper Union, New York City.
"We've Been Blogged" .... at http://www.spatialrobots.com/archives/432, check for the feature on Dan Belcher's MxR paper at ACADIA 2008.
The Design Machine Group, in particular Markus Eng's FlexM project, is featured on the DiscoverUW web site (http://uwnews.org/discoveruw/article.asp?app=discoveruw&articleID=5974)
Design Machine Group is featured at the Northwest Science & Technology magazine http://www.nwst.org/, Autumn 2002 issue, "Next Generation Tools for Architectects," page 32-37. http://dmg.caup.washington.edu/images/PNWST.pdf
DMG-hosted Visual Thinking and Spatial Reasoning class http://courses.washington.edu/visual is featured on the front page of Seattle Post Intelligencer Local News section http://seattlepi.nwsource.com/local/86491_visual11.shtml
UW Design Machine Group, on KOMO TV, channel 4 evening news.
http://depts.washington.edu/dmgvideo/Komo4/komo4(small).mov (the 1.4MB version)
http://depts.washington.edu/dmgvideo/Komo4/komo4.mov (the 2.9MB version)
http://depts.washington.edu/dmgvideo/Komo4/komo4(big).mov ( 9 MB version)
Even the UW's student newspaper, The Daily, noticed that we were doing something interesting....

Computer more than super pencil, Design Machine Group at University Week